Grappino di Nino, the name came from Grappa and Nino.  Grappa is a well known after dinner drink in Italy.  Grappino’s opened its doors in 1996 when the decision was made to open private event rooms and an open air bar on the same property of Nino’s and Vincent’s.  It sounds unusual to have three restaurants on the same property but it works, because each is unique in character, décor, ambiance and flair.

Grappino’s features an Italian style stand up bar and dining area opened up to outdoor patios, wine barrels, lush gardens and a fountain.  Family, friends and business associates can enjoy the open air, live music, tasteful foods, grappa, limoncello, wines and more.  The energy rises as the wine and seasonal foods are served.  Grappino’s menu is called Spuntini, small bites.  The menus is filled with cured Italian meats, imported cheeses, homemade pastas, rotisserie chicken, wood fired pizza, salads, veal/steaks and much more.

Step into Tuscany and you have entered our private banquet room and our rustic wine cellar.  The rustic décor and antiques from around the world gives the feel of warmth.  Experience the unique richness of our exquisite rooms and make the memory you want to cherish for the special day you deserve.  The rooms can fulfill any array of requests from cocktail receptions, to sit down dinners, rehearsals, weddings, business meeting and birthdays.  We will help you plan any event of your dreams with ambiance, great food and impeccable service.

Grappino’s is a place to capture endless memories during your special event or enjoying the liveliness of Grappino’s bar with drinks, foods and live music.